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Project Experience

Geotechnical and Soils Engineering Projects



SR 0202, District 6-0, Montgomery & Chester Counties, PA; Sections 300, 610 and 701 with various prime consultants and subconsultants

Prepared reconnaissance soils and geological engineering reports (RSGER), geotechnical engineering reports (GER), foundation reports, Phase I, II, & III Environmental Site Assessments, and Waste Management Plans. Also, prepared and awarded boring contractors involving several thousand feet of drilling and provided certified PennDOT Drilling Inspectors. This roadway serves populated residential, commercial, and industrial areas. Several interesting geotechnical problems were addressed such as protecting roadways from artesian groundwater conditions, soft soils remediated with compaction grouting, and sinkhole problems.


Subsurface Investigation, Foundation Selection/Analyses and Reports Submission for New Access Ramps at the Philadelphia International Airport (I-95, Section AIR)

The project consisted of six ramps, which included five bridges, a nine-span viaduct structure, and 4.16 miles of roadway embankments with retaining walls. Work included: bid preparation/contract coordination (120 borings); inspection of subsurface boring, sampling and testing contract for approximately 60 borings; laboratory soil testing; evaluation of several foundation alternates including spread footings, pipe piles, monotube piles and H-piles; evaluation of allowable axial, lateral and uplift pile loads, plus pile driveability analyses; settlement estimates for highway embankments and pile groups; settlement mitigation schemes for highly compressible soils under embankments/MSE walls; stability and bearing capacity analyses of MSE walls, and  preparation of fifteen Foundation Reports and submission letters.


US Airways Aircraft Maintenance Hangar, Philadelphia International Airport

The hangar includes a 79,500 square foot servicing area designed to accommodate an A-330 Airbus aircraft or two Boeing 757 aircrafts side by side, plus ancillary structures such as water storage tanks and pump house. Work included: subsurface investigation (17 borings); study of foundation alternatives, and analyses of the recommended auger cast pile foundation; preparation of foundation report; inspection of auger cast piles installation, and construction inspection of the hangar including field testing of soils, concrete, steel and masonry.


Mustin Field Intermodal Facility, Philadelphia Naval Business Center in Philadelphia, PA

The intermodal facility consists of four railroad tracks, each approximately 1 mile long. Work included subsurface investigation (20 borings) and analyses of embankment settlement under dead loads and live loads, caused by the presence of a thick, highly compressible soil layer. Work also included a study of several schemes for settlement mitigation, including surcharge preloading and wick drains, performance of building foundation investigations and design, and construction inspection services.


New Terminal Building, Apron, Parking Garage, and Air Traffic Control Tower on Airport Rescue and Firefighting Facility (ARFF) and other related projects at the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport

AG&E performed subsurface investigations, geotechnical engineering designs including slope stability, analysis of embankments, runway pavement designs, prediction of mine subsidence potential and magnitude, and pavement design on soft subgrade. AG&E prepared geotechnical reports for all landside and airside structures including terminal buildings, parking garage, apron, ARFF buildings, and maintenance building. AG&E also participated in preparing drawings and cost estimates.

The Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport area is heavily mined. AG&E researched, analyzed and prepared mining reports and estimated mine subsidence potential. During a previous (1980s) project, AG&E performed geotechnical evaluation and construction monitoring (settlement and slope movement) during the construction of a 1,000 foot long runway (# 4/22) which was built on top of a 180 foot rock fill embankment.

Most recently, AG&E provided design and construction inspection services for large (up to 90' high) rockfill embankment for glide slope and taxiway extensions.  This work included remediation of near-surface mines encountered during construction.


South Street Bridge (PennDOT District 6-0) over CSX Railroad, Schuylkill River, I-76, Amtrak & SEPTA, Philadelphia, PA

Bid preparation/ contract coordination for approximately 43 borings. Provided Level 2 drilling inspection for approximately 22 borings. Preparation of the foundation report for two-span bridge structure at the west end of the project.


Fourth Street Bridge (PennDOT District 5-0) Replacement, Bethlehem, PA

Prepared reconnaissance soils and geological engineering report, performed final subsurface investigation (22 borings), and prepared foundation report for two single span bridges, with wingwalls, over railroad tracks.


County Bridge No. 7 (PennDOT District 4-0) Replacement, Beaver Valley Road, Monroe County, PA


Prepared reconnaissance soils and geological engineering report, performed final subsurface investigation (6 borings), and prepared foundation report for two-span bridge, with wingwalls, over McMichael Creek. Included scour analyses and pile foundation design.


SEPTA, Market Street Elevated Rehabilitation Project, Philadelphia, PA

Geotechnical engineering services and material testing. Planning, coordination, and inspection of 115 soil and rock borings, prepared several geotechnical reports for upgrading existing footings (piles, mini-piles, and caissons).


Amtrak, Stability Analyses of 15 bridges and several thousand feet of retaining walls located in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island

Because of extra clearance required for the high speed line and double stack freight operations, rails had to be lowered, necessitating evaluation of local and global stability of bridges and retaining walls. AG&E conducted subsurface investigations along the existing structures in order to determine effect of additional loads and/or reduced footing embedment on their stability; remediation procedures were presented.


Lackawanna Valley Industrial Highway, SR 6006, Section 292, PennDOT District 4-0, Lackawanna County, PA

Preparation of site reconnaissance report, subsurface investigation in heavily coal-mined area and preparation of final foundation reports for 6 bridges, 5 box culverts, and retaining walls. As built surveying of constructed roadways.


Ogden Street Bridge Replacement, PennDOT District 5-0, Girardville, Schuylkill County, PA

Subsurface investigation and foundation report.


BARTA Intermodal Transportation Facility, Reading, PA

Subsurface investigation and foundation report for multi-story buildings and parking facilities, including construction inspection.


Carpenter Technology's Industrial Buildings, Reading, PA

Subsurface investigation and geotechnical report, design of pile foundations, inspection of pile driving, soil and concrete testing and inspection for several Carpenter Technology buildings (Nos. 58, 78, 108, 120, and 136).


Communication Towers, Philadelphia, PA

Subsurface investigation and existing foundation evaluation reports for eleven communication towers.


Sunny Brooke Estates Dam Design, Worcester Township, Montgomery County, PA

Subsurface investigation, foundation analyses, and design of filter and earth dam embankment for detention basin.


BJ'S Store, White Marsh, Maryland

Site evaluation and recommendation for remediation of high embankment slope failure. Included subsurface investigation, slope stability analyses, report, and field management of slope repair.


Geigle Hill Road and Bristol Bridges in Bucks Co., PA for PennDOT District 6-0

Geotechnical investigations, preliminary and final geotechnical reports.


Medical Office Building, Surgery Building, and Entrance Bridge (over Schuylkill River), Pottsville Hospital and Warne Clinic, Pottsville, PA

Subsurface investigation and foundation report; inspection of pile driving for the bridge foundation; and soil and concrete testing for all three structures.


Lake Wallenpaupak Dam, Hawley, PA

Review of dam stability and strengthening.


Sinkhole Remediation at Penn State Berks Campus, Reading, PA. for PADGS

Subsurface and geotechnical investigation for 8 sinkholes; remediation, construction management, inspection, and design of stormwater retention basin improvements.


Rockwell International Corporation

Subsurface investigation, foundation recommendations, and bearing capacity/settlement analyses for large settlement-sensitive machine foundation.


Trout Run Dam, Borough of Boyertown, Berks County, PA

Geologic and engineering investigation of dam foundation and embankment slope stability (maximum height 104 feet, length 460 feet).


American Parkway, Lehigh River and Railroad Bridge Crossings, Retaining & Sound Barrier Walls, & Connector Road Project, PennDOT District 5-0, City of Allentown, Lehigh County, PA

Planned, contracted, and inspected subsurface investigation programs, including river and railroad borings and performed laboratory testing.  Prepared geotechnical engineering reports, Phase I, II, and III ESA's, Waste Management Plan, and foundation design and guidance reports for multiple foundation types for two (2) large multi-span bridges crossing roads, railroads, and the Lehigh River.  Also prepared a Geotechnical Engineering Report for the roadways and stormwater basins, including slope stability analyses and slope stabilization recommendations.


SEPTA, Elwyn to Wawa Service Restoration Project, PA

Tasks included subsurface investigations, slope stability analyses, and geotechnical reports for restoration of an approximate 3-mile stretch of railroad track, four bridge replacements, stream and grade crossings, two alternative parking garages, station platform, and a new station access road.


Lafayette Street Extension Project, PennDOT District 6-0, Municipality of Norristown, Montgomery County, PA

Completed a subsurface investigation, laboratory testing, foundation design and geotechnical engineering reports, Phase I, II, and III ESAs, and Waste Management Plans for roads, bridges, retaining walls, stream crossings, and connections to a proposed new interchange with the Pennsylvania Turnpike.


PennDOT  Fuel Facilities in Strausstown, West Chester, & Media, PA

Subsurface investigations and environmental site assessment reports for PADGS.


Reading Area Water Authority & the SSM Group, Lake Ontelaunee Earthen Embankment, Berks County, PA

Independent review of previous Geotechnical Report in order to explore alternative solutions to stabilize the lake's earthen embankment, and to propose additional subsurface investigations and testing, if required, in order to evaluate the recommended solutions for PMF overflow protection of the existing embankment as proposed by the SSM Group.  Completed subsurface investigations, laboratory testing, and a geotechnical engineering report with recommendations for improving the earthen embankment.

Coordinated Health Medical Office Building, Hazle Township, Luzerne County, PA

Project area located on fill material used to bring to grade a former surface mine.  Completed subsurface investigations consisting of borings, test pits, and laboratory testing.  Prepared a foundation report which included specifications and details for subgrade improvements using geotextile and geogrid. Completed construction inspection.