Applied Geoscience and Engineering, Inc.

Consulting Civil Engineers - Specializing in Geotechnical Engineering, Soils Laboratory Testing, and Environmental Services


Scope of Services

Soils and Foundation Engineering


-  Development of soil and rock properties
-  Foundation type selections
-  Bearing capacity and settlement analyses
-  Static and dynamic soil design parameters
-  Soil and rock slope stability analyses
-  Lateral pressure analyses/displacement
-  Shallow foundations - mats and spread footings
-  Deep foundations - piles, drilled piers, and caissons
-  Dikes and embankments
-  Sheet pile walls and cofferdams
-  Shoring and bracing
-  Soldier beams and lagging
-  Slurry/cutoff walls
-  Underpinning/support systems
-  Excavation/dewatering effects on nearby structures
-  Mine subsidence
-  Sinkhole investigations and remedial designs
-  Groundwater/seepage evaluation
-  Foundation failure/distress investigations and recommendations
-  Blasting studies
-  Micropiles

Pre-Modular Retaining Wall